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Megan + John Fano

In 2020, Megan and John Fano seized the opportunity to fulfill Megan's dream of owning a nursery, opening Grow Blooms & Gardens. It’s safe to say that at the start of their 11th season open, their passion for flowers only continues to strengthen. The greenhouse has become a “second home” to them, as well as, to their four year old daughter Maddelena. Megan and John love greeting new and returning customers — they’ve even gotten to know many “regulars” by name. Entering the greenhouse bays that are full of healthy, beautiful blooms gives the couple great pride. It’s their hope that each and every customer that enters Grow BG will enjoy their time there, and leave with a little piece of joy to take home. Whether it’s a bouquet for a special occasion or a new plant to brighten up their living space, Megan and John are committed to providing the best service and products to their community. Their dedication to their dream is evident in every corner of Grow Blooms & Gardens, making it a local treasure in Bowling Green.

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